Mon May 8 Evening Update 9pm

posted May 8, 2017, 6:46 PM by bna association
Today was spent finishing bagging sand at the Dome, observing the rate of erosion at the berm and providing a few spot fixes for reducing erosion. We have pairs of volunteers who will walk the berm every few hours over the next few days looking for any signs that the ground has been eroded caving under the bike path without signs of large stones. If those features or other concerning erosion are identified we can consider adding more sandbags to the berm. Depending on the waves and wind, we expect this will not be necessary. If there is something more concerning, please also call 311. If there's something that looks like an emergency, please call 911. If you do walk the berm, at any time over the next few days, feel free to report what you've seen here or directly to Unless conditions change, no further sand or bags will be needed at the Dome. Currently, we have used all our bags and there's a bit of sand remaining. We estimate we have about 2000 filled bags at the ready if needed. Great work everyone, it appears the water levels are receding and we will hope for cold weather up north, dry skies, and low winds across Lac Deschenes. Clean up remains a conversation for a drier time ...