Background Information on the Flood Plain

Update Feb 1, 2015

Following up to the RVCA's Flood Hazards Open House, we have a copy of the Belltown Flood Hazards and Elevation map in our files section.
Click here to see it now.

Update May 22, 2013

Ottawa's online eMap has been replaced by geoOttawa.  To view the floodplain in geoOttawa, click "more Layers", scroll down and select "floodplain". 

Update April 6, 2013

This map (which is also available in our Files page) was distributed at our April 3, 2013 public meeting with the RVCA and Councilor Mark Taylor regarding the flood plain and our Belltown Neighbourhood.  This map was created based on February 22, 2013 data from the City of Ottawa eMap (now replaced by geoOttawa). 
Modifications were made to the map to improve legibility in black & white print format.  This map is provided for reference only.  Official information regarding the flood plain can easily be accessed by contacting the RVCA or by following the directions regarding Ottawa's online eMap at the bottom of this page.
Below is an older copy of the floodplain from the City of Ottawa eMap. The blue shaded area is the flood plain.  The red lines delineate zoning, and can be ignored for the purpose of the flood plain.